To know God and to make Him known to cowboys and cowgirls everywhere in such a way that they have the best opportunity to become fully developing followers of Christ.

A fully developing follower of Christ in a culturally relevant way...

Worships God: Honors God by worshipping Him corporately, in both large and small gatherings, and by maintaining private devotions.

Lives by God's Word: Understands the Bible as the ultimate authority for daily living and is involved in corporate, small group and private Bible study.

Contributes to God's Work: Uses their time, abilities, spiritual gifts, and finances for God's glory.

Connects with God's People: Pursues Christ honoring relationships at home, in the church, at work, and in the community.

Impacts God's World: Reaches out to the lost and unchurched by praying for them, witnessing to them, and inviting them to Cowboy Church events.